Right-wing extremist lifestyles, symbols and codes

Right-wing extremist lifestyles – symbols and codes

“14”, what does that inscription on the T-shirt mean? Can a woman with her hair dyed pink be possibly a right-wing extremist activist? What is MaKss Damage, and is the label Thor Steinar actually right-wing extremist?

Right-wing extremist lifestyles keep changing and seemingly open themselves towards youth cultures. Even appropriation from youth scenes such as hip hop or punk are possible today. This enables right-wing extremists to establish points of contact, and it makes it more and more difficult to decipher brands of clothing, symbols, and music bands as oriented towards right-wing extremism, or outright right-wing extremist respectively.

In the training, essential codes, symbols, and outfits are deciphered to be able to recognize the orientation they convey more confidently. To be able to react appropriately, indicators are pointed out to identify the degree a person is entangled in right-wing extremist scenes.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

The right-wing extremist scenes in Berlin – topics, organizations, and modes of action

How are the right-wing extremist scenes in Berlin characterized? What are their local focal points? What makes them attractive for youth, and what topics do they appropriate?

Despite (or rather because) the diminishing presence of the right-wing extremist scenes in the public, in Berlin, an increase of violence can be observed. Most actions of right-wing extremists are meanwhile organized in clandestine ways, while they attempt to gain attention through appearances at dates and places with a provocative motive.

In the training, developments and current appearance of the right-wing extremist scenes in Berlin are identified. Evolvements and changes regarding content and structure over the past years are mapped, and backgrounds clarified.

Duration: 1,5 to 3 hours

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