Mobile Counseling

Problems with Neo-Nazis or Racism?
Since 2001, the Mobile Counseling Team against Right-Wing Extremism (MBR – Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus Berlin) has been offering counseling and support to anyone in Berlin willing or needing to become active against right-wing extremism, racism
and anti-Semitism.

Some right-wing extremist youths attend our youth club…
… What can we do? Do we have to kick them out? Or should we try to accommodate their needs, so they won’t cause trouble elsewhere?

Neo-Nazis are planning a march in my area…
… How can the organization I work for become engaged in protest? Where do initiatives meet? Where can I get material supplying information for protest? And how do I create a successful press campaign?

As a team leader, I observe resentment and racism in my team. My supervisors and colleagues do not agree with my perception…
… How can I assess the situation in my workplace? What arguments or conversation technique(s) are appropriate and effective? How can awareness and support be promoted in the team? Which steps can be taken? What information and education material is available, what projects can be developed? Whom can I cooperate with?

How do we work?
•    client- and request-oriented
•    confidential
•    step-by-step: awareness – analysis – action
•    free of charge

What do we offer?
•    Background information about right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism in Berlin  (lectures, investigations and research, documentation, analysis, publications)
•    Education and workshops
•    Counseling and networking (on a local, municipal, and federal state level)
•    Developing individual or municipal strategies for action
•    Support for dialog and cooperation between politics, administration and democratic civil society
•    Developing strategies against “No-go areas” public places, where immigrants, black people, people of colour, LGBTs and anti-Fascists are not safe because of violence and threats by neo-Nazis and racists

Need help? Contact us!

Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus Berlin
Phone: 030 817 985 810
Web: |

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