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Verein für Demokratische Kultur in Berlin e.V. (Society for a Democratic Culture in Berlin)

The Verein für Demokratische Kultur in Berlin e.V. (VDK) is the supporting association of Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus Berlin (MBR) and the project Auseinandersetzung mit Rechtsextremismus in kommunalen Gremien Berlins – Dokumentation und Analyse.

The work of MBR resulted in founding further projects working on anti-Semitism and right-wing extremism in the district councils:

Auseinandersetzung mit Rechtsextremismus in kommunalen Gremien Berlins – Dokumentation und Analyse  (Confronting Right-Wing Extremism in Local Committes in Berlin – Documentation and Analysis)

Since May 2013, the successful project “Auseinandersetzung mit Rechtsextremismus in kommunalen Gremien Berlins – Dokumentation und Analyse” is running under the umbrella of MBR. The project supports debate on right-wing extremism on the level of communal politics, administration, and civic society, especially in the district councils. The project was carried out under the umbrella of VDK e.V. from 2008 to 2013.

amira – Antisemitismus im Kontext von Migration und Rassismus  (Antisemitism in the Context of Migration and Racism)


With the project “amira – Antisemitismus im Kontext von Migration und Rassismus”, VDK e.V. developed concepts specifically designed for dealing with anti-Semitism amongst youth of migrant origin to be employed in open youth facilities in Kreuzberg and similar districts.

For a democratic culture oriented towards human rights in Berlin

The democratic commitment of VDK’s projects becomes visible in their day-to-day practice as well as in their contribution to the political discourse on responses to right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism. The standards developed by MBR especially function as beacons within this antagonistic field, in the neighborhoods as well as on the level of the federal subdivisions. As VDK supports projects on that level as well, it is able to set an example of a practice of a coexistence without fear, characterised by a committed orientation towards human rights in Berlin.

Such sustainable developments of change of the political climate in Berlin require continuous assistance in the process. To make sure this succeeds, we are dependent on your support.

Verein für Demokratische Kultur in Berlin – Initiative für urbane Demokratieentwicklung (VDK) e.V. was founded in August 2003 by representatives of organizations and initiatives of the civic society.

Executive and managing board
Timo Reinfrank | Catharina Schmalstieg


Michael Barthel | Member of the SPD, from 1989 until 1992 district mayor of Berlin- Schöneberg.

Friedemann Bringt | Project leader of the mobile consultation team of the culture office in Saxony.

Annelie Buntenbach | From 1994-2002 Member of German Parliament (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), since 2008 deputy chairperson of the DGB union.

Dr. Bärbel Grygier | From 2000-2002 district mayor of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, 2002 Member of German Parliament (PDS), member of the RBB broadcasting board as a delegate of the Berlin parliament.

Anetta Kahane | Founder and chair of the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung (AAS) in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Claus Offe | Professor Emeritus for Political Sociology and Social Politics at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin. Since his emeritus also a member of the professorium of the Hertie School of Governance Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Rommelspacher | Professor Emeritus of Psychology (Interculturality and Gender Studies) at the Alice-Salomon-Fachhochschule in Berlin, private lecturer at the Technische Universität Berlin, works on the topics of right-wing extremism, racism and antisemitism.

Oliver George Seifert | Member of the “Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland” (ISD – Initiative for Black People in Germany) e.V., member of the board of ISD-Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Richard Stöss | Professor Emeritus for Empirical Political Sociology at the Freien Universität Berlin.



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